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  34 西递远眺550cm395cm

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  32 天井395cm550cm



  Parvis has been functioning as the place of impetrating rain and wealth. Water, to some extent, means wealth. Rain is running along from splayed roof down to parvis, just like Chinese proverb that fertile water is forbidden to go into others fields (means wealth will be prohibited from flowing into neighbors).As to the picture, its natural draught and light is much preferred. Rich light flashing through the parvis creates an artistic stage for drawing: cold and warm colors, merging, matching and mutually acting, all of these generates rich color variations.



  Bu Er Door

  The stone is divided into three parts: illuminated facet, top facet and back facet, each of the facets features up-and-down and accidented, that is, the combination of facets in different sizes. It needs special and definite strokes, slightly deep or light or cold or warm. Even one stroke represents one facet, which makes the scene true and lively.

  34 西递远眺550cm395cm


  Over look Xidi Village

  With the westering sunset, enjoys the rural life. Standing on the roof, with the sunset, experiences the unique scene. In harmonious neighbour hood with nature, Xidi village owns green hills, white walls, colorful clouds and greenlands.

  35 小街幽巷550cm395cm


  Lonely lane

  In Xidi village, well protected ancient architectures built in Ming and Qing Dynasties can be seen all the way along. Crasping the surprise of contrast of grey cold and warm colors, controlling complex color changes on the whole, the drawer or the looker is offered to search the ancient traces in the deserted lanes and paths in the layout of Xidi Village.

  36 凤凰一角395cm550cm


  A Sight of Fenghuang Town

  Lines of wooden houses with a few bricked walls, Wooden frame , wooden windows and wooden wall panels are touched off by the drawer with refined and elaborate color. The plainness and simplicity, literatis reminiscent memory are freeze-framed in the streets and lanes.

  37 白墙灰瓦 550cm395cm


  White Walls and Grey Tiles

  Use white walls and grey tiles to describe elegance and tranquility. The upturned eaves outlines the lively curve of vernacular buildings against the sky. The geometric figures are aesthetically expressed by the light and elegant colors. Walking freely along them, joyfully, the heart is flying with the drawing brush.

  38 边城老街550cm395cm


  Old Path of Border Town

  The old path of border town is bathed in the warm sunlight. The walls facing the sunlight or against it are sharing sunlight. On these red-bricked walls leaves with traces of slogan as Long long live with, the mark of that lost age.

  39 西递一角550cm395cm


  A Corner of Xid Village

  The scene of sunrise in sea is the beating of life, while the scene of sunrise in mountain is the emotion longing for. When sun is rising, Xidi village is bathed in tranquility and harmony. The walls and paths are all dyed with the warm tone of sunlight, even the early mornings atmosphere is of the taste of sunlight. The flashing picture can not completely described by paper, brush and color the painter can just catch and understand such a moment via intuition.

  40 花垣小巷 550cm395cm


  Lane of Huayuan

  Does the Slightly inclined wooden house show humility or awe to the high wall and deep yard? Sun is selflessly dispatching its warmth and light, no matter the house owners social class or wealth. Bravely facing the large yard, the wooden house is half in shadow and gains its self-esteem and confidence and comforts itself.

  41 古巷550cm395cm


  Archaic Alley

  he moon has its full days and crescent days. The continuous rainy days is the taboo of outdoor sketching. But making funs from rain, sketching in the rain really motivate some special sentiment. Grey tile, white wall, stone slate, green moss and alike can be the object for drawing. The scene becomes more clearing after the baptism of rain.

  42 教堂550cm395cm



  Facing the mystery and pageantry of the church, people can feel its sanctitude. Always having been planing to express my awe to the god, finally I used the exaggeration and perspective skills to express the impressional church.

  43 建筑工地550cm395cm


  Building site

  Though painting old street,archaic lane and wooden house and so on frequently, sometimes I search for novel subjeets. The Building site is an extemporization I finished when I saw the building site occasionally.

  44 小巷之晨550cm395cm


  Morning of the Narrow Alley

  Early mornings sun shines on the houses in the alley. The houses are clean and clear. The colors, cold and warm ones, are various and transparent. The bright light from sky melts deep into the alley. What a fresh and tranquil scene!

  45 门550cm395cm


  The Gate

  On the Picture,the gate of Han and Tang Dynasties style is magnific and vigorous.Red doornails and knockers were inserteel the strikingred door.If standing surefooted under the blue sky, opening the red gate,you will be erudite and informed.

  46 晚霞280cm380cm


  Sunset Glow

  Day in and day out, sunset dyes the picture area red. Such a situation can mostly trigger peopleS potential inspiration. I wielded the paintbrush quickly to catch the beauty of the very moment before it disappeared.

  47 城门一景550cm395cm


  A Glance of the Gate Tower

  Pageantry and majesty isnt fit for the gate tower. However, the color of red is striking. Though located in downtown area, it is poised and reconciles to be the foil without benefiting from the city gate.




  The place calling no attention is defined as corner, while such a kind of place contains subtle variation of hues of colors. None but the layers relationship among the hues of colors is skillfully handled, it can be called the wonderful drawing creating a flower.

  49 泰安庙门395cm550cm


  The Doorway of Temple in Taian County

  The torii and temple compose a structure in order. Red-painted wall is in strong contrast with white marble. Bearing religion in mind, then will be not afraid of the long way around to come to the holy place. Persistence keeps on.



  Seafood Bazaar

  It is naturally to swim and taste seafood when going to Qingdao City. Only from the heavy traffic scene in the readside of the seafood bazzar, you can imagine the continuous hawking of chapmen and buyersargy-bargy.

  51 青岛小洋楼420cm395cm


  The Buildings in Western Styles in Qingdao

  In the old downtown district of the coastal city Qingdao, the buildings in all kinds of western styles are full of exotic atmosphere. The building with a red roof is covered by the green trees, which gives people green and ecological living environment.

  52 高墙550cm395cm


  High Wall

  Grey stone bridge is the pathway to alleys. The walls looks higher against the narrowness of alleys. The ancient appearance doesnt exist but its spirit lives. Farewell to the past brilliance but valuing the expression of that age. The paint brush illustrates the cold and warm tonal contrast, the white color helps to achieve the tactile sensation of the wall.

  53 光与影550cm395cm


  Light and Shadow

  Even in such a background against the direction of light coming, the whole work is full of florid colors, which are unified in such an elaborate way. Maybe you have sensed the confidence of the painter, havent you?

  54 海滩395cm550cm



  Broad is the sea, fish can freely dive deep down; high is the sky, birds can freely soar up. Being embraced by the sea is one of the best choices for human to be close to the nature. White water, aquamarine sea water and people rushing from the beach to the hug of sea are all mixed and melted into the poetic and artistic atmosphere endowed by sea and sky.

  55 青岛街景550cm395cm


  A Glance of the Road in Qingdao

  The sunshine is bright, the air is fresh and moist. Going out for a walk on the road in Qingdao, your legs will move buoyantly. Daringly, more daringly using colors emphasizes the contrast between light and shade, cold and warm, then the road is livened up.

  56 船395cm550cm

  画作以湖蓝色起稿,并大面积运用环境色彩来烘托画面主题 停泊待航的渔船。在没有阳光照耀的日子里,天空、海水、船只交织的画面呈现,高度统一在蓝色的基调里。


  The work begins with the color of azure and the theme-the berthed fishing boat for voyaye is foiled by large space of ambient color During the cloudy days, sky, sea water and boats are harmoniously juxtaposed in the basic tone of blue.

  57 少林寺550cm395cm


  Shaolin Temple

  Shaolin Temple, located in Songshan Mountain, Henan Province, is the cradle of Chinese Kungfu and the good place for Kungfu learners. I selected the gateway under the tall tree as the theme for expressing power and artistic tension of the high and big tree to obtain the heartquake effect. Particular angle of view and appreciably exaggerated technique help create the dynamic effect that obviously represented warrior ethos of Shaolin Temple.

  58 小洋楼杂货店550cm395cm


  Stalls in Backstreet

  The stalls and the neighboring buildings in western styles lead to the dramatic conflict. Rich colors are arranged in definite positions in the whole work.

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